IBA / Hamburg 2017


August 8th, 2017 / IBA, Hamburg 2017

With the start of the 2017 edition of the AIBA World Championships coming up on 25 August, here are five very good reasons not to miss out on any of the action from Hamburg…

Because the 280 best boxers in the world will be there
The Hamburg 2017 World Boxing Championships are going to be one of the great sports events of the summer. After a challenging qualification path via the five Continental Championships, only the very best boxers, including 18 Rio 2016 Olympic medalists, will compete for the boxing world’s most prestigious prize, leaving fans with bout after bout of first-class action to enjoy over the nine days.

Because AIBA is the home of the greatest boxers of all time

Felix Savon (CUB), 6x World Boxing Champion

In its 70 years, AIBA has helped to develop some of the best boxers in history. Names such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Wladimir Klitschko and Teofilo Stevenson began and shaped their careers with AIBA and their Olympic journeys. As for famous World Champions past, look no further than the likes of Guillermo Rigondeaux, Gennady Golovkin, Vasyl Lomachenko or Zou Zhimming.

Because only 10 gold medals can be won
You only need to look at the numbers to understand the huge challenge faced by those seeking to be crowned World Champion. Only 3.5% of the 280 boxers entered to Hamburg will top the podium, that’s 1.3% of the 750 boxers registered for the Continental Qualifiers. Extrapolating further still, that represents just 0.2% of the 5000 boxers registered worldwide with AIBA, which just goes to show the size of the task and the dedication required to work your way to the very top.


Because there is more than pure boxing for fans to enjoy
The 2017 AIBA World Championships will be held in Hamburg in the north of Germany, a city with a great boxing history that today pulsates with a unique mixture of maritime atmosphere, big-city style and rich culture. Germany’s second-largest city lies on the Elbe River, for centuries a major port and trading center for central Europe, and today houses a thriving restaurant and shopping scene, cultural centres and technology hubs.

Because, at the end of the day, we all love boxing
And nowhere else in the world will you find the unique intensity and excitement of an AIBA World Championships.