2024 delivering on promises for strong start to the year with IBA leadership focused on raising the bar with its ever-expanding event and development calendar

March 2nd, 2024 / IBA

IBA Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts OBE addressed the boxing family following the first two months of 2024, which have showcased IBA’s impressive portfolio of events and new strategic development plan.

‘I reflect on an extremely successful 2023, the agile way in which the sporting landscape has changed in so many ways. Our community has remained focused and loyal to the organization, a fantastic place to be known as the International Boxing Association (IBA),’ Roberts said.

He stressed that IBA moves forward in 2024 with a developing calendar, an increase in opportunity for all that remain part of this growing sport, a sport that touches all four corners of the globe.

‘It is a sport that touches the hearts and minds of those who live in the most deprived areas of the world. Under the leadership of President Umar Kremlev and the philanthropy work that we witness on a daily basis, many lives have been changed for the better,’ he claimed.

‘We continue our work in this space, with new ventures that create those opportunities that dreams are made of. No matter what we do, we understand our mission, we understand unity, and we understand our part. Three key areas that we strive to deliver, coupled with our core values that we hold dearly with the IBA family.’

Roberts, who is aiming to reach out to IBA’s National Federations, added that ‘2024 will provide the year and platform to deliver, to visit, and to grow our membership.’

‘Our world class events continue to evolve, and our Continental Confederations plan and prepare those important competitions for our athletes – we know that bout volume is key to success. The cross over of events, the training and competition cycle, and those periodised programmes are well known by our people. We support the aspirations and future success of our young men and women; therefore, it is absolutely right to provide the platform for our athletes to become successful in their own right,’ Roberts added.

IBA’s professional endeavour Champions’ Night grows stronger and stronger, and the organisation provides those opportunities that bridge the gap between both amateur and professional sport.

‘An elite cadre of officials will be identified to support IBA Champions’ Night endeavour, and further courses will be aimed at the younger generation to become officials at an earlier age, the aim to create longevity and wider experience in our sport for many years to come. We do care about the future of our sport, and those conditions that we want to create for our athletes of tomorrow and beyond.’

‘Our boxers are home grown from those hardy clubs across our 5 continents; coaches and trainers at every level have been part of this evolving story. We aim to keep our athletes on their peak for as long as possible, providing financial assistance, and supporting those individual journeys. In addition, we want to give opportunities to our athletes to excel even after their careers, supporting them on the way, be it professional boxing, coaching or management direction,’ Roberts underlined.

He went on to say, ‘the most recent launch of our Sports Management Course, working in partnership with ISDE, providing the continuous professional development for our people at all levels, including the boxers seeking their extended career in the sport. From coaches, International Technical Officials, Referees and Judges, to Board members, the opportunities within IBA have the reach that is again unmatched by any other International Federation; with this first course of its kind, IBA continues to create the conditions for success. Our development programme remains second to none, with exciting times ahead, particularly over the next 12 months. Extended courses in the coaching space, moving from online activity to physical delivery of our 1-Star Coaching courses – a key investment this year.’

‘I never underestimate those tasks ahead, and the challenges that we face provide further opportunity. I remain privileged to be able to help shape a fantastic international sports organisation. I remain equally privileged, more so, to be surrounded by fantastic people and great operators. The value add on a daily basis never fails to impress, and every day is a learning day,’ IBA Secretary General and CEO said.

He added that IBA’s “Agile Strategic Approach” is ‘unique, with the constant change, and indeed needs of those around us.’

‘We have been confident in our delivery and approach, with a reach that is unmatched by any other organisation within this sport. I am convinced that under the current leadership, our strategic objectives will be met. We face challenges, but nothing that we fear, and nothing that we won’t achieve with the constant valued support of our members,’ Roberts claimed.

‘Our door remains wide open to all members, to be part of our growing organisation, to invest time and energy with those who wish to be part of the International Boxing Association.’

Esprit de corps!