IBA Congress

The Congress is the assembly of all Eligible National Federations.

It has notably the following powers:

  • Admission / exclusion of National Federations
  • Elections / removal of officials
  • Confer honorary position
  • Approval of financial reports
  • Determine the amount of Annual Fee due by National Federations
  • Approve, amend or replace the Constitution
  • Dissolve IBA
  • Review any suspension of National Federations decided by the Board
  • Approve the members of the Ethics Commission and of the Disciplinary Commission
  • Discharge the Board
  • Approve or not approve the reports submitted to it by the Board
  • Define the geographic area of a Confederation.

The Ordinary Congress is held every two years, with an election every four years.

The Extraordinary Congress is convened when needed.



AIBA Extraordinary Congress 2021

Webpage of the Congress 2021


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