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Organizational Structure

Technical & Competition Rules Commission

The Technical & Competition Rules Commission is responsible for monitoring the enforcement of IBA Technical and Competitions Rules and making recommendations for rule changes whenever necessary, taken into consideration the impact of rule changes to the stakeholders, including boxers, coaches, technical officials, competitions organization and the marketing strategy of IBA.

The duties of the commission include:

  • To review IBA Technical and Competition Rules, and Competition Guidelines
  • To establish standards to evaluate and certify the Technical Officials
  • To create and review the course content for Technical Officials and the instructors
  • To nominate/appoint Technical Officials for IBA competitions
  • To review the qualification guidelines for IBA sanctioned competitions
  • To consult Athletes’ Commission, Medical Commission, Marketing Commission and/or other relevant commissions to assess the impact of a specific rule change
  • To participate in the nomination of the candidates for the IBA Annual Award

The commission members shall have a good understanding of all aspects of IBA competitions, including but not limited to boxing equipment, medical checks, Anti-Doping rules, refereeing and judging, boxers’ preparations, impact assessment ability, and extensive experience and expertise in rule-making.

Technical & Competition Commission Members

Commitee Directors


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