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Women in boxing

Women Development Program 2021-2022

  • Women’s Aspire Program – the courses for women Coaches, R&J, ITO’s, doctors and sport managers across all 5 confederations. The pilot project to be held in the Assisi Academy in late autumn 2021.
  • Boxer to Coach/R&J/ITO: at Elite Women championships there should be a development programme ran alongside the championships for those women boxers who are not able to continue their career as active athletes.
  • Women’s Committee Webinar – educational webinars from Women’s Committee members for NFs on various topics on a regular basis.
  • Women’s Community of Practice – 2-4 sessions per year for Women Coaches. R&J, ITO’s and Administrators for each group to come together for a networking opportunity and to explore different topics for discussions.
  • Invisible to Visible initiatives: stories of success (Amanda Coulson, Shelly Soejono)