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Technical Delegate International Technical Officials

To ensure that Competition Officials are up to date with the latest Rules, IBA has set up a program to train and certify officials.

It aims to ensure that all IBA officials are knowledgeable about the rules, that they can make the right decisions during IBA Competitions and maintain fair play and neutrality for the benefit of all competitors.

1. ITO Development Program 2021-2022

  • Unification of all training systems of IBA (ITO, RJ, Coach, Doctor, Cutman)
  • Elaboration of special criteria system used to choose IBA Officials and Instructors through a special assessment following 3 main selection criteria: No corruption / Good lifestyle / High potential for the job
  • Tightening the Code of Conduct for IBA Officials
  • Introduction of an External Observer who can anonymously review bouts to verify if there were any IBA rules violation and other misconducts
  • Revision of the Bidding Book creation/Improvement of Bidding Processes for IBA World Boxing Championships and High-Level Competitions
  • Organize cross-committee meetings to work closely together with the most urgent issues in order to take faster and more efficient decisions

1. ITO Development Program 2021-2022

Eligible Applicants to IBA ITO Certification courses:
  • IBA and/or Confederation Executive Committee Members
  • IBA and/or Confederation Commission Members
  • Paid Employees of the National Federation with NTO experience at the National Federation
  • Former 3-Star R&Js with an exceptional past performance history
  • IBA can make exceptions for individuals with proven skills and knowledge of IBA competitions
  • Former coach and official with international experience
  • Retired boxers with international experience

Please send your questions and requests regarding IBA ITO Development to education@iba.sport.