Road to Dream

“As one of AIBA’s Development Projects, the Road to Dream Program follows the ideals of the Olympic Movement by contributing to the social improvement of boxers, and the dream of being competitive at AIBA’s main international events and Olympic Games”, explains Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, AIBA President. “It is also a tool to educate the boxers and help them to fight against violence, poverty, illiteracy and any other social problem in their country.”

AIBA’s Road to Dream program aims to support the dreams of boxers from our emerging National Member Federations by providing practical training and experience that would otherwise be unavailable to them. This is done at no financial cost for the boxers ensuring there are no barriers to participate.  Boxers who take part benefit from expert coaching, intensive training and the best preparation possible ahead of AIBA Competitions, including World Championships and ultimately, the Olympic Games.

The Road to Dream Program provides the opportunity for boxers to develop in and outside of the ring through targeted educational programs, personal development and interaction with other boxers.


“The Road to Dream program is oxygen for the National Federations of Africa. They don`t usually get much support from their State Authorities It`s important that someone tries to fill this gap.”

Dr Abdellah Bessalem
President, African Boxing Confederation

“Sometimes we don`t even have water to drink. It’s hard to make sure we eat the right food and have access to med¬icine, vitamins, fresh fruit and balanced meals suitable for sports people. Before boxing, we just hung around the streets but now we have a purpose. We see boxing as a great mission. We don`t do drugs, nothing else but boxing”

Mamadou Fall
Road to Dream participant in 2012 for Senegal

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