ITOs, R&J, Evaluators and Observers courses in Bangkok

April 16th, 2019 / IBA

AIBA has started a series of educational events in Bangkok, Thailand taking place during the ASBC Championship.

AIBA has set up programs to train and certify officials to ensure that they are up to date with the latest Rules and Regulations, as well as maintain fair play and neutrality for the benefit of all competitors. 

The revamped ITO course started today and will end on April 17 with a written, oral and practical exam. This is the first ITO course since the major rule and regulations updates made and ratified at the last EC in February. Seven participants from six countries are taking part; instructed by Pat Fiacco and Terry Smith.

The R&J Evaluators and Observers workshop is the first workshop of its kind. The objective is to ensure that officials are fully prepared to carry out their updated and newly created observer role and duties using the AIBA database, as well as the bout review. This workshop will be lead by Ray Silvas and Terry Smith. Sixteen participants from 15 countries from all five continents are expected.