IBA Integrity – Boxing for a clean sport

IBA is committed to strengthening the integrity of our beloved sport and protecting clean athletes. The fight against doping and any other form of cheating in boxing, an the strengthening of ethics with improvements on transparency, good governance and accountability are a top priority of the recently launched IBA New Foundation Plan. 


The International Boxing Association has developed a vast range of processes, structures and policies to improve integrity in- and out- competitions to ensure the highest level playing field.

A key element of that is the ongoing education of all the stakeholders that comprise the IBA Family, in order that everyone, including boxers, their coaches and the officials, are given the appropiated tools to improve their knowledge around all integrity topics.

Keep yourself up to date!

If you are an IBA athlete, be aware and learn more about your rights and responsibilities on your journey to the Olympic Games and beyond through the IOC Athletes 365 web space here!


Sport Integrity education takes center stage at the AIBA Focus Day in Buenos Aires
AIBA strength its Anti-Doping efforts with education on the ground at the Youth World Championships in Budapest
AIBA compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code
AIBA among first Olympic International Federations to conclude full anti-doping partnership with the International Testing Agency
AIBA hires the Doping-Free Sport Unit (DFSU) of GAISF to strengthen its Anti-Doping system