IBA Development
IBA Continental Boxing Academies

IBA Continental Boxing Academies

One of the key areas of the new IBA Development Policy is IBA Boxing Academies that should serve as special educational and training spaces on all continents in order to provide each Confederation with an opportunity to host educational and training events in their regions, thus, helping their National Federations to ease logistical and financial issues. The first pilot project is planned for EUBC Assisi Academy that should become a starting point and an example for other Continental Academies to be constructed and open in the nearest future.

IBA European boxing academy, in Assisi, Italy

The IBA European Boxing Academy is an integrated training institute which embraces all aspects of the development of officials in the sport of boxing. It is a state-of-the-art institute of IBA to educate and train all IBA officials for its competitions and programs –  Central Management System for the entire new IBA Technical Development Program.

The goal of the IBA European Boxing Academy is to create a center of excellence to lead the overall development of all officials in the sport of boxing globally. The Boxing Academy will discover and train talented members of the boxing family, such as coaches, officials, managers and medical personnel. It will assist these individuals to develop their skills and professionalism through world-class expertise, training programs and facility access.

The Boxing Academy intends to develop the skills of the participants through rigorous training and to use its combined expertise to greatly enhance the development of the sport of boxing.

Why do we need Assisi Academy?

Based on the current assessment of IBA’s situation and official development, it has been identified that the IBA Boxing Academy is indispensable. The Academy will develop a plan for political independence, financial competence and transparency in all program management.

The city of Assisi is considered the most suitable place to accommodate the IBA European Boxing Academy. The Italian National Boxing Team’s training centre is also located in Assisi. It is a familiar location for the IBA boxing family, as many international training camps and development courses have been held there.

The town’s long and great support for boxing comes not only from the community itself, but also from the government of Assisi, region of Umbria and Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), which offers continuing support for the development of the sport of boxing.

Lastly, Assisi has the infrastructure, facilities and resources available to organize any size of boxing competition and tournaments, at any time.


The Mission of the IBA European Boxing Academy is to establish a recognized center of excellence, offering the best integrated educational and physical training programs in order to lead the development of the sport of boxing, and the capabilities of members of the boxing family.

With its own Referees and Judges (R&J) Management System and Coaches Management System, the IBA education and development program has made impressive progress since its introduction in 2010.

An innovative education and development program which encompasses all of these factors aims to shift the sport of boxing, as well as its key members including athletes, coaches, medical, R&Js and technical officials, into a new paradigm.

IBA is adopting the revised structure, contents and composition of the development programs to be compatible with its new administration’s vision and objectives to build more sophisticated programs to further improve the sport of boxing.

What are the development programs

The development programs consist of the following courses:
  • Cochaes
  • Referees & Judges
  • Managers
  • Boxers (post-career development, personal development)
  • Ringside Doctors and Cutmen
  • Medical and anti-doping programs
  • Other educational programs

Assisi facilities

The Academy building has two floors occupying a total area of 3,140m². The size of the ground floor is approximately 2,500m², while the second floor measures 640m².

The facilities include:
  • 2 large classrooms with space for more than 50 people
  • 4 medium classrooms accommodating 25 people each
  • 1 main Boxing hall with competition seating
  • 2 office spaces
  • Locker rooms, medical rooms, etc
  • FPI National Training Center
  • Equipment testing lab